Cataract Awareness Month

What’s a Cataract?
A cataract is a medical condition causing the lens of the eye to progressively become opaque or cloudy over the years affecting individual’s eyesight. Normally person’s vision is clear but with cataract vision appears cloudy or blurry.

What causes Cataracts?
Usually lifestyle choices can contribute to developing cataracts like smoking, drinking heavily, making poor dietary choices, genetics, eye injuries, diabetes, chronic steroid use, and over exposure to the sun light. It’s not from reading too much or overusing the eyes.
What are some of the symptoms of Cataracts?
• Vision may be cloudy, fuzzy, foggy, blurry or spots may appear
• Loss of color intensity. Colors may appear faded or less vibrant
• Sensitivity to light
• Night halos around lights (e.g street lights)
• Difficulty seeing at night or in dim light
• Double vision

Preventing cataracts?
• Always wear sunglasses when going outside for longer periods of time
• Protect your eyes when playing sports or while working to prevent injuries to the eyes
• Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol excessively
• Watch your diet
• Make an appointment with your eye care professional (either ophthalmologist or optometrist) to determine if you have cataracts