Heart-Healthy Diet Rules

A heart-healthy diet can dramatically reduce your risk of a heart disease.

Follow these simple rules for a heart-healthy diet:

• Watch your fats, avoid trains fats, and limit saturated fat.
• Choose whole grains. Skip refrained gains and added sugar.
• Eat meat sparingly. Choose lean red meat, fish or skinless white-meat poultry.
• Opt for low-fat dairy. Avoid full-fat dairy.
• Choose healthy cooking oils. Select canola sunflower, safflower, corn, olive and peanut oils.
• Reduce dietary cholesterol. Eat less than 200mg of dietary cholesterol per day.
• Eat more fiber including fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, oat bran, and beans.
• Eat nuts, but keep portions small to limit calories.
• Eat oily fish such as salmon which contain heart-healthy fats.
• Reduce your salt intake. High-salt diets increase risk of hypertension.
• Drink alcohol only in moderation.