Overactive Bladder

Overactive Bladder is a problem that occurs with the functionality of the bladder causing the sudden need to urinate. The urge can be quite strong making it difficult to hold on until one can get to the bathroom leading to involuntary urine loss otherwise known as incontinence.

Some Causes of Overactive Bladder:
     -Enlarged Prostate
     -Previous operation on the urinary tract
     -Excess intake of alcohol and/or caffeine
     -Some medications can cause rapid increase in urine production requiring an increase in fluid intake
     -Abnormalities in the bladder, such as bladder stones

Sign and Symptoms of an Overactive Bladder:
     -Feel a strong sudden urge to urinate
     -Urinate frequently, usual eight or more times in a 24 hour period
     -The involuntary loss of urine followed by a strong need to urinate
     -Awaken 2 or more times during sleep to urinate

There are many treatment options available to treat Overactive Bladder so that you may get back to enjoying your everyday life. To schedule an appointment please call us at 847-255-7474.